Thursday, 28 October 2010

A relaxing week away

Last week was half term (6 weeks or so into a term we have a week's holiday) and Cliff and I went down to Othona, in Dorset to chill out and make chutneys, jams and breads.  What fun!  And what a lovely break from all media, including the Internet.  I highly recommend it to anyone.  Not knowing what is happening in the world and not being interrupted (by oneself or others) via various applications, is a heaven sent blessing.  Just alone with your thoughts and enjoying the simple conversation of others is a balm for the soul.

Sitting in silence.  I had forgotten how good that can be.  Each evening at Othona there is a chapel time.  On each occasion we sat for varying periods of time in silence.  There were moments when there were no thoughts going through my mind whatsoever.  No multi-tasking.  No trying so sort out several things at once.  Nothing!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Off on holiday for some reflection

It is interesting reading over what I have written recently. The first item I mentioned in my last posting - visiting Othona - is about to happen today. I am really looking forward to getting away! We were to have left yesterday but things came up and so we depart this morning. In that short time that we had at home yesterday instead of driving down to Dorset, I felt compelled to do work around the house. I really need a bit of a rest and I know I won't get it here. I also need some space to think and I always find that at Othona. So, more on the experience when I get back on Friday. In the meanwhile if you are interested in Othona, click here!