Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas has passed me by

I have been sick since the 23rd of December and am only just emerging. I remember very little about Christmas Day, nor Boxing Day come to think of it. This morning I had a look at the presents under the tree that I had been given by various members of the family and it was like having Christmas Day all over again. I have no memory of originally receiving them. Who had given me a box set of the Darling Buds of May for example? (I have since found out that it was Emma.) I must admit that The Darling Buds of May is the only present I remember from my look through this morning. That just shows you how affected my mind is! I will take another look through and it will be a matter of guessing who might the giver be!

Everything has been put in a lovely green shopping bag with the words "reuse and use again and again" repeated over and over again. In the bottom right-hand corner of one side in larger print are the words: Bags don't grow on trees. It is green and black and by its size, I think that I will be using it over and over again! The top item in the bag is a tea cosy. I remember this because my oldest daughter gave it to me on the evening I became ill so my mind hadn't yet become swamped in cold. It is handmade by oldest daughter from the most amazing wool she bought on eBay. I really should find out more about that. Imagine buying wool on eBay. I may have to photograph the cosy since it would be too difficult to describe. That makes it sound as if the cosy is somehow different than others. It isn't. It's the wool that is unusual. I have a cosy at home but not at school so I may take it there.
* * * *
I'm not sure why I have been rambling on about Christmas presents. I was sicker than I am now when I wrote the above so that might be in part an explanation! I think that I was wandering towards making some comments on the changing nature of Christmas presents. I shall do so at a later date!

(To be continued)

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas Tree Decorating Day

We didn't have a Christmas tree last year, except in my classroom. The cats had just joined us and I was sure that any tree I put up would end up on the floor. This year, I have greater hope of keeping them off it. However, Noah, just over a year and just starting to walk, is coming to visit for a few days. I can see that the tree may have to be moved during his visit but I won't let that dull my enthusiasm today.

Emma and Michael are coming over this afternoon to help and so in advance of their arrival I am going to do some baking. I want to make shortbread and muffins. I will also make some dough so that we can have homemade pizza for dinner. Now if only I had the necessary items for mulled wine!

I will post any recipes on my baking blog:

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

How very odd!

I haven't written since November. Today, I thought that I should check to see if anyone had left any comments...usually, it will be Mary Jane. Instead, I found a message from someone unknown, perhaps from Japan, I'm not sure. Then I checked my site meter only to discover that 42 people had visited my blog this week alone! That has to be the most visits I have received in one week in all the years I have been writing. My goodness! What a surprise? If any of the 42 read this, perhaps you could tell me what brought you so unexpectedly to my blog. I really would like to know.

I suddenly feel discovered!