Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Best laid plans

I was looking forward to a weekend of swimming, gardening, a bit of shopping and starting my novel tomorrow for novel writing month. Well, I went to the pool, fell at the edge on a patch of water and will now be spending my weekend on the sofa with my laptop. I suppose that will be good for the novel! How annoying!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Musings over!

Yes, yes, as someone has pointed out, I have been musing for a long time. I didn't write anything more during our Queen Mary voyage, firstly because I was working on my book and secondly, because a day out of Southampton, I found out that my mother had had a bad accident while staying at our house just after we left for New York. My months since the trip have been taken up with concern for my mum, starting my new job and getting our new house sorted out.

However, I am musing at the moment about starting the Write a Novel in a Month challenge on November 1st. You are discouraged from beginning to write before the 1st but there is no reason why you can't sort through your ideas. And so I am!